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Created for Communities

Created for Communities

Isaiah 43:7; Luke 5:1-22

God is the great Designer of all things. And if we function according to His design, then we can achieve greater things for God.

We were…

1. Designed to commune with God.

Isaiah 43:7 - “Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

  • Sin broke our communion with God. Genesis 3

  • Sin allowed loneliness, brokenness and despair to enter our lives.

2. Designed to commune with believers.

Luke 5:1-11

  • Simon Peter, James and John encountered Jesus.

  • Simon fell at Jesus’ knee in worship.

  • Jesus called His first disciples to form His core group.

3. Designed to commune with others.

Luke 5:12-16

  • Jesus demonstrated the reality of the Word by engaging His community.

  • Jesus went into communities and saw their needs.

  • Jesus gave His disciples a mission. 1 Corinthians 15: 4; Romans 1:17

  • Jesus commissioned His disciples to become missional. Matthew 28:18-20.

Your application for this week.

  1. Ask God to help you to embrace His mission.

  2. Explore your own community. Try to establish meaningful relationships.

  3. Pray for ACF, as we engage Durham with the Gospel, through words and deeds.

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