Finding the Right People for the Groundwork of the Church

Part 3, Knowing Jesus Better Series John 1:35-42 Carey Nieuwof, a former lawyer and founding pastor of a large church in Barrie, Ontario once wrote, “Having the right people is better than simply having people… A few aligned people can change the world.” Finding the right people for laying the foundation of the church is very important. Jesus wanted to impact the world and He was going to do that with a handful of people. He was very determined to personally handpick those who would form the foundational core of His church. The Lord promised in Matthew 16:18b, “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Finding the right people with the right heart, with the rig

Obtaining our Values from Knowing Christ

Knowing Jesus Better series, John 1:19-40 Today, we will look into the value of values of John (not John the Apostle). He was well-known as John the Baptist because his ministry focused on preaching repentance and baptising people in the Jordan River. Baptism was an important symbol of repentance in the Bible. It was a symbol of the cleansing of sin and having a new way of life. But before, anyone can be baptized, he or she must hear and believe the message. The message is usually in a form of proclamation of prophecies from the Old Testament and testimony regarding Jesus. How do we obtain our values that are aligned with God’s will? In this chapter, we will learn at least three important le

Knowing the Word Better

Knowing Jesus Better series, John 1:1-14 There is a game called “How well do you know the birthday boy/girl” that is usually played during birthday parties. And the game requires asking at least 10 questions and whoever gets the highest score wins a prize. This Christmas season, let me ask you, and just be honest, “How well do you know Jesus?” On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the “I know Him well” and 1 as “I knew nothing about Him”, while 5, “I knew something about Him”. Which of the number is for you? The prize may be Jesus Himself. Having Him and His truth in your life can be the greatest prize you can have. People around the globe will celebrate Christmas without really knowing what, why

Nuggets of Timeless Principles from Ancient Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 11:1-9, Luis Cruz, GCF Durham Ecclesiastes came from the Hebrew word Qoheleth, which means “one who calls people” or “assembler” of the people, and traditionally translated as preacher. The author of the book of Ecclesiastes was Solomon, the son of King David. He reigned as Israel’s king from 961-922 B.C. If he was alive today, he would have been a good blogger. Somebody who would write informally about life and offers his two cents. I would also liken Chapter 11 with Instagram where Solomon posted and shared to his followers some nuggets of wisdom he learned through his personal experiences with God. I believe these nuggets of ancient wisdom on money, relationship and God are

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