The Wise Men Of Christmas

Matthew 2:1-12, Luis Cruz, GCF Durham The Nativity Scene display has always been part of the Christmas celebration. Many believed that three eastern looking men who were at the stable, in front of the baby Jesus in the manger, were kings from a faraway land. Is this traditional nativity scene exactly portraying the scene we have in the biblical account? Were they actually three kings who came to see Jesus in a manger? How old was Jesus when they came to see Him? Where did they actually come from? What’s their significance in the Christmas story? 1. Three kings or unnumbered Magi? “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem.

The Providential Work of God through Jesus

Part 4, Knowing Jesus Better series John 2:1-12 John chapter 2 was the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Actually, chapters 2 up to 12 were all records of Jesus’ public ministry. Chapters 3 to 17 were His private ministry. Then chapters 18 to 21 were all about the end of His ministry which centered on His sufferings, the cross, His death, burial and of course His resurrection. Thus, when we go by chapter 2, we will see John describing some important providential works of Jesus in Israel. Divine providence simply refers to God’s intervention in our universe, in our world to accomplish His purpose! It also means that God provides what is needed and we see this in John chapter 2:1-12. 1. Jes

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