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  • Pastor Ferdie Umali



The covid-19 pandemic has not only brought us surmounting challenges but has also given us unique opportunities to expand our reach for the good news about Jesus Christ. Our plans for this year may have been thwarted but considering who God is, we can be sure that He can carry us through this if He wills.

Our experiences may have been difficult, but we know that God who holds the future can cruise us through His will and purposes with success and intentionality. This Sunday, we will learn lessons from the travel experience of the apostle Paul as he was determined to do God’s will in his life regardless of the situation that comes along the way.

What are we going to do when God opens and closes the door before us? And what are we going to do when He seems to be silent? 1. When God closes the door, DO NOT BE ________________________________ (vv. 6-8). 2. When God opens the door, DO NOT __________________________________ (vv. 9-12). 3. When God neither opens nor closes the door, DO _________________________ (vv. 4-5).

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