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  • Pastor Ferdie Umali


Judges 3:1-11
As the “stay-at-home” order was issued by the Ontario leadership starting last Thursday, we hear different reactions from people of the province. Some are happy welcoming this move, but there are those who are indifferent and can’t help but express their frustration in this challenging situation that the restriction has magnified. “When will this pandemic be over?” is the lingering question that needs to be answered. But who knows, but God who is in control of every situation that comes our way, when this calamity will be over. My hope in today’s message is that we will be encouraged to remain strong during this worldwide crisis. Three important reminders that will give us calmness in our soul in spite of a difficult situation that comes on our way, will be highlighted.
I. There is the STANDARD we need to keep (vv.1-4) II. There is a SEPARATION we need to maintain. (vv.5,6) III. There is the SAVIOR we need to follow and trust (vv. 9-11)
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