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  • Pastor Ferdie Umali


1 Samuel 16:7; Luke 19:1-10

Sermon Summary:

We live in a society where people look at us on the basis of what they see outwardly – the manner we look, the way we dress, the things we own, and our accomplishments in life. We naturally adjust ourselves to what people like to see because we fear being judged from the outside. But what does really matter?

The Bible declares that God, who knows everything and sees every move that we make, identifies even the motive why we do things and “looks at the heart.” But what kind of heart is God looking for?

This morning we will study the life of Zacchaeus (in contrast to King Saul) who was judged by people outwardly but was shown favor by the Lord Jesus Christ because he has a heart that satisfies what God is looking for:

I. A Heart That ACCEPTS God Gladly (Lk 19.5-6)

II. A Heart That ASPIRES Purity (Lk 19.9-10)

III. A Heart That ANSWERS God’s Call For Loyalty (Lk 19.8)

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